Through our years of overjoyed brides, we have collected their feelings on the Careloom™ Preservation Process. We have reputable testimonials on such planning sites as:,,, and have several elated brides sharing their experiences on message boards at The & The Wedding

"Using WedClean was a great decision. My gown was shipped beautifully!"

Anna Clarkson, Juneau, Alaska

"My gown arrived today and I would like to thank you for doing such a great job. My husband and I have inspected it, and although there are still a few tough stains hanging on here and there, they are very minor. Compared to the lousy job my dry-cleaners did, it is a miracle! I would like to report my satisfaction with your cleaning efforts, your preservation packaging, and your smooth and attentive service. I will recommend your service to any bride I come in contact with.”

Natasha Vogt

"I cannot say enough about your wonderful customer service and your miraculous work! You're the greatest. Thank you so very much!! I'm the happiest customer ever!”

Lindy Bourgeois, New Orleans, LA

"Wow. Just wow. I'm going to tell my new sister-in-law about your company and recommend you to all my friends who are looking to get their gowns cleaned and preserved. Kudos to everyone at WedClean."

Deborah Cavallaro

"Thanks again...I have already told my four friends who are engaged about WedClean!"

DuAnne Chang

"I was absolutely amazed when I received my wedding gown from WedClean! It looked so gorgeous in the storage chest, and when I opened it, I was suddenly overwhelmed with wonderful memories of our amazing day."


"My gown was filthy went I sent it in, but WedClean removed every single stain! It looks better than brand new, honestly! Also, I called WedClean to check the status of my gown, and Jim Parham himself promptly returned my phone call to assure me that my gown was in great hands. Sure enough, I received my confirmation e-mail later that day with my UPS tacking number. Thank you so much!"

Jennifer, Rome, GA

"I received my gown yesterday and it looks great. I can't believe you got the stains out of the hemline! I will definitely recommend your company to future brides.Thanks a million"

Billie Murray

"I received my gown and I want to express how satisfied I am with your service. I was a little nervous about sending my gown away. I knew that I needed to have it cleaned, but I was uncomfortable with the local dry-cleaners using standard chemicals to clean my silk fabric. I’m glad I relied on your expertise. I recommend you highly."

Kelley Swatzell

"I am extremely happy and very much satisfied with your results, thank you! This gown was sitting in my mother's cedar chest for 39 years. It was never cleaned and was quite yellowed and stained. Because of your good work, I now have an heirloom to hand on to my granddaughter. Thank you very very much."